Social Media 'Purge' Campaigns Spark Fear In Some

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Killeen (August 21, 2014) A recent post on Facebook that a purge would happen in Texas has raised some concern.

The post is motivated by the horror movie, The Purge, where all crime becomes legal. The social media flier stated that the purge would happen in the state on Aug. 29.

"I was on Facebook and I was just scrolling down and I came across it and was like, oh my gosh," said Andrea Tuncap, Killeen resident. "I've seen the movie and the movie is kind of scary when you see somebody doing anything without any kind of police department or anyone to anything about it."

Tuncap is among other Central Texans who are concerned people would take the post seriously, and actually commit a crime on that day.

"Somebody put it out there for a reason and somebody might take it seriously and actually do what they did on the movie and that would be horrible," she said.

However, local authorities have called the social media scare a hoax.

"We'd just like folks to use good common sense. When you read something on social media ask yourselves is this really true," said Lt. Donnie Adams, Bell County Sheriff's Department spokesperson. "If folks think this gives them the right to go out and speed, commit murder, theft, robbery, sexual assault they are sadly mistaken and if they commit one of these crimes they will be handled according to the law."