Soldiers Deploy To Kosovo

(Photo by Nick Delgado)
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FORT HOOD (January 12, 2014) Hundreds of soldiers with the 504th Battlefield Surveillance Command spent several hours with family and friends on West Fort Hood Sunday afternoon before they deployed.

Troops were presented with signs and cards from their loved ones before soldiers loaded up on the plane for their deployment to Kosovo.

A lot of preparations were made on the home front, said Sgt. 1st Class Setedria Davis.

'"Make sure that my family has a living will, make sure I got in contact with the bill collectors, and let them know that I was deploying," she said.

This is the third deployment for Davis, who was joined by her family.

"I always tell them that as soon as I find out I'm deploying, but it really doesn't hit us until the day that I'm packing up my stuff."

The brigade partnered up with National Guard troops from several states, and will link up with NATO forces in Kosovo for Operation Joint Guardian.

A total of 500 soldiers from Fort Hood departed for the nine month deployment overseas.

The group's peace mission includes riot control, and helping the Kosovo government to become more independent.

"It's not as hostile," said Davis.

"So it eases me a little bit but being away from your family and the comfort of what you know that's what makes it hard, but this is what we signed up to do so I'm going to do it."