Sports Spotlight: Bigger Than A Game

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WACO (March 23, 2014) At times, love can be tough.

Baylor Lady Bears head coach Kim Mulkey isn't known for coddling her players. Not even her favorite one.

"She's an intense coach," said daughter Makenzie.

But, Mulkley plays a different tune at home.

Makenzie and her brother Kramer, who plays baseball at LSU, have been in on the secret for a long time.

"She showers us in love," Makenzie said.

"Makenzie, you don't need to divulge that side of me. I want everybody to think I'm this mean coach on the sideline," said Baylor Lady Bears Head Coach Kim Mulkey.

Like a good family recipes, humor has been passed down.

"She's pretty much a comedian," Makenzie said.

But Mulkey knows, sometimes pain brings family closer together.

"I'll never get over the divorce. That's my biggest failure," Mulkey said.

"I want them to marry, have a happy family and I don't ever want them to go through a divorce," she said.

"I look up to my mom so much," Makenzie said.

Mulkey has five national championships and an Olympic gold medal to her name.

Although her trophies seem endless, Mulkey says life is bigger than a game.

"I would quit my job to be their mother," she said.

"You can't have a better person as a mother," Makenzie said.

Which is what makes reality so difficult.

For 23 years, Makenzie has been by her mother's side.

But at the end of this year's tournament, her career will come to an end and she'll move forward with a life of her own.

"It'll be a pretty intense reality check," Makenzie said.

"She is now going to engage in the next part of her life…but at the same time, she and I are going to be mother and daughter for many years to come," Mulkey said.

The goal for as a player and a coach is a championship, but no trophy will compare to the love built between a mother and her daughter.

"I'm living my dream in getting to do everything I ever hoped for. It's just really special to have her as my mom," Makenzie said.

"The end!" said Mulkey.