State Cites Local City After Discovery Of Dead Animals Dumped Near Park

Most of the remains were in plastic bags. (File)
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MARLIN (December 7, 2012)--The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has cited the City of Marlin for potential violations after the remains of dead dogs were found Tuesday dumped near a park.

Marlin Mayor Elizabeth Nelson said the TCEQ inspected the site where those dogs were found on Tuesday.

In an exit interview form, inspectors said city failed “to prevent the unauthorized disposal of municipal solid waste, specifically noted, animal carcasses, brush and household garbage."

Residents found the animal remains over the weekend near City Park and on Monday, Anderson inspected the site, which she said is an area public works employees use to dispose of landscaping debris.

She said she could not provide an accurate count of the carcasses.

The remains were in plastic trash bags, but bones were also scattered around the site, suggesting that it had been used as a dumping ground for dead animals for some time.

Those carcasses were taken to a landfill in the Lacy Lakeview area Friday.

Meanwhile, the acting police chief, John Cornish, said an investigation continues.

City employees are being questioned to find out who dumped the animals and trash.

City Manager William McDonald said Friday he will take responsibility for the incident.

It’s "an unfortunate incident and procedure and process that might have allowed some employee to feel they could have taken an animal to that site and I accept that portion of the responsibility,” he said.

“ What we want to know and I think every city council person wants to know and probably every citizen wants to know is why has it been allowed,” he said.