State Launches Website Aimed At Stopping Child Abuse Before It Starts

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TEXAS (March 31, 2013)--The Texas Department of Family Protective Services launched a website to help adults learn more about child abuse and neglect and what they can do to get help if these cases occur.

The website,, aims to get help for parents and give hope to kids who may be abused or neglected.

Stopping child abuse after the fact is important, but stopping it before it even starts is the goal of the initiative.

"Asking for help is really hard and admitting that you might not be a good parent is also very hard, but help is out there, and that's what this campaign is designed for," said Julie Moody with the Texas Department of Family Protective Services.

The site has information on how adults can recognize signs of abuse or neglect and also activities for both parents and children that teach them about the impact.

"Children who are abused or neglected don't have a voice, so it's up to the rest of us to have that voice for that child," Moody said.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month.