State Offers Counties Grants For Feral Hog Control


AUSTIN (June 18, 2013)--Texas counties that need financial help to control feral hogs can pair up and apply for as much as $30,000 in grants.

The Texas Department of Agriculture announced the County Hog Abatement Matching Program, or CHAMP Tuesday.

Commissioner Todd Staples said feral hog control efforts must be coordinated across public entities and private landowners so individual Texas counties must partner with at least one other county that’s also working on feral hog abatement.

Authorities set a July 1 application deadline.

Selected applicants will get funding on a cost reimbursement basis.

The projects require a minimum match of one dollar for every grant dollar requested, up to $30,000.

Texas has the nation's largest feral hog population with nearly 2.6 million pigs.

Experts say the animals do about $500 million in statewide damage.

“Feral hogs are destroying front yards, farmers’ fields, golf courses and other public and private properties all across Texas, resulting in millions of dollars in damage. This is both an urban and rural problem that directly impacts our economy and the future of Texas agriculture,” Staples said.