State Overturns 1 Out Of 3 CPS Child Abuse, Neglect Claims

AUSTIN (May 25, 2014) The state is overturning far more cases in which Child Protective Services initially ruled that a child was abused or neglected.

Each year the state overturns more than 1 out of 3 decisions challenged by people who CPS claims have mistreated children.

Twenty-seven percent of CPS rulings were reversed in 2009, but that number rose to 42 percent last year.

More than 1,140 cases were appealed in 2013.

Even when a CPS ruling is thrown out, the person accused of mistreatment could still face significant hurdles.

For instance, CPS decisions are used in criminal and civil cases, and they are a factor in custody disputes, but the Department of Family and Protective Services says there are no indications of systematic problems with its abuse investigations.