Survey: Rapes Not Investigated At 40 Percent Of Colleges

WASHINGTON (July 9, 2014) About 40 percent of the colleges and universities that responded to a nationwide survey haven’t conducted a sexual assault investigation in five years, according to a report released Wednesday by U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.

The schools that haven’t investigated a sexual assault during that period include 6 percent of the largest public institutions in the U.S.

Federal law requires investigations when an incident is reported, and the number was alarmingly low, said McCaskill, whose office conducted the survey.

The report says 21 percent of institutions that were surveyed provide no sexual assault response training at all for faculty members or staff and that 31 percent do not provide any sexual assault training for students.

The survey also finds that only about a quarter of respondents said there have written protocols between campus and local law enforcement agencies on handling sexual assault cases.

“If we’re going to turn the tide against sexual violence, survivors must be protected, empowered, and given the confidence that if they make the difficult choice to report a crime, they will be treated with respect and taken seriously,” McCaskill said.

“This means we need institutions across the country to recognize sexual violence for what it is—a crime—and work to prevent it and effectively address it when it does occur," she said.

McCaskill and other senators are considering legislation to address the issue.