Teenager Charged In Deadly Weekend Shooting

(KBTX-TV photo)
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SNOOK (January 7, 2013)--Burleson County sheriff’s deputies have arrested a teenager in a deadly shooting early Sunday morning in Snook.

Investigators say Broderick Grba, 19, is charged with murder.

He was held without bond Monday.

Officials say the shooting happened at around 2:30 a.m. Sunday at the Cotton Village apartments on FM 60 East.

One man died and two others were hospitalized at St. Joseph hospital in Bryan.

Both of the men who were taken to the hospital were being treated for gunshot wounds.

Alicia Fuller lives right next door to the apartments.

She said a fight broke out and someone pulled a gun.

"First it sounded like firecracker. It was going back and forth. So I said, "No mother, its not firecrackers. It's somebody shooting," she said.