Central Texas Veterans Speak Out At Town Hall

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TEMPLE (August 21, 2014) The Temple VA is waiting for their FBI investigation to start, but wasted no time listening to their vets.

Temple VA Medical Center (File)

The VA in Temple held a town hall meeting on Thursday to allow Central Texas Veterans and their families to voice their concerns, make suggestions and offer constructive criticism to help improve the services Central Texas Veterans Health Care System provides to area Veterans.

Many veterans felt that it was needed because many things are never addressed because they never can go to the specific person that deals with the issue.

"I've been a disabled veteran ever since 2001 and I have seven cases that I've been trying to get aware of and i'm always getting put back," said Veteran Stanley Evans on Thursday.

This was the first time the VA held a town hall in Temple which allowed those who have served to express their feelings to the local board.

"I was just glad to come here and listen to them so we can give them some feed back so they can help veterans and serve us to the best of their ability."

Some concerns involved the Waco office and how they're staff is unprofessional and how they're treated in a rude manner. The board said they have challenges at the Waco office and they plan to fix it.

Veteran Service Officer Willie Rowning said as a vet and a representative it's important to know what the plan is since there have been changes with a new director coming on board. "The vets down in the street, don't know how the changes are going to affect us."

"We always try to keep an open line, you know sometimes we don't hear everything, but it's just going out there and getting more input from our veterans and just more of our stake holders in general," said Deborah Meyer, Temple VA, Public Affairs.

Meyer said they plan to hold town halls as they are needed, but will continue to do their quarterly meetings with their stake holders