Texas Boot Camp Investigated After Assault Allegations

ABILENE (January 11, 2013)--A West Texas boot camp that uses stun guns and handcuffs to discipline children is being investigated on assault allegations.

Abilene Police Chief Stan Standridge is expected to discuss the investigation Friday afternoon.

Earlier this week he said the local boot camp may have assaulted children as young as 4, but no one had been charged.

Paul Huntington, chief executive of Reality Invasion Boot Camp, denies the allegations.

He says drill sergeants used a stun gun on a teenage girl who assaulted them during a home visit recently.

He said the girl’s mother had hired them for her three children, who were ordered to complete chores.

Huntington said parents must sign waivers allowing the staff to use handcuffs and stun guns.

He said those methods are used only under extreme circumstances.