Texas Children Struck By Stray Bullets While Walking With Mother

HOUSTON (August 7, 2014) Stray bullets struck a 9-year-old Houston girl and her 7-year-old brother was they walked with their mother after shots were fired during a suspected drug deal.

The children were taken to a hospital where the boy was treated and later released.

Information about the girl’s condition wasn’t available.

The two were walking with their mother at around 4 p.m. Wednesday near an H-E-B supermarket when shots were fired from two nearby vehicles that were parked next to each other, police spokesman John Cannon said.

Shots fired by a man in one of the vehicles struck the children and then both cars sped off, police said.

Police say one of the vehicles was carrying bags of marijuana.

Two men were taken into custody.

Their name and further details weren’t immediately released.