Texas Man Known For Riding Unicycle Naked Killed In Crash

LA PORTE (August 6, 2014) Joseph Glynn Farley, 48, of Clear Lake, who was known for riding his unicycle naked, was struck and killed by a vehicle while riding with his clothes on Tuesday night, police said.

An SUV hit him from behind as he rode in La Porte, police said.

Farley was wearing black shorts, a backpack and evidently a reflective vest, which was found nearby, Sgt. John Krueger said Wednesday.

The unicycle had lights and was operating legally on a thoroughfare, Krueger said.

The SUV driver, who wasn't hurt, called 911 to report the accident.

In 2012 Kemah police in 2012 accused Farley of riding naked, distracting drivers and creating a hazard.

Farley was cited for misdemeanor indecent exposure.