Texas Man Who Set Elderly Woman On Fire Sentenced To Death

Nancy Harris, 76, died several days after she was set on fire, but was able to describe her attacker. (File)

DALLAS (November 8, 2013) Matthew Johnson, 38, of Garland, was sentenced to die Friday for the burning death of an elderly convenience store clerk who was set on fire during a robbery in 2012.

On Wednesday jurors convicted Johnson of capital murder in the death of Nancy Harris, 76, who was splashed with a flammable liquid and set on fire at the Garland store where she worked.

Security cameras recorded part of the deadly attack on May 20, 2012.

Police saw Harris in flames as she stepped out of the Fina station where she worked.

One officer grabbed a fire extinguisher and began to douse the flames her.

She told the officers she had just been robbed and the robbery had doused her with a liquid and set her on fire.

She gave officers a description of the man.

Officers later arrested Johnson of after receiving a report of attempted break-ins near the store