FBI To Investigate After Houston Officer Kills Double Amputee

HOUSTON (September 24, 2012)—Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland asked the community to "reserve judgment" Monday a Houston police officer shot and killed a one-armed, one-legged man in a wheelchair who was waving what turned out to be a pen.

McClelland also announced Monday that he has asked the FBI to help investigate the weekend shooting inside a group home, which he called "tragic and unfortunate for everyone involved."

Officer Matthew Marin shot Brian Claunch early Saturday after responding to a report that the double-amputee was causing a disturbance inside the home.

Police said Claunch cornered Marin and threatened him.

Marin reportedly told investigators he didn't know the object in Claunch's hand was a pen.

Marin was placed on administrative leave.

The head of a local police violence group questioned whether Marin was justified in shooting Claunch.

Civilians Down co-founder Arlene Kelly told the Houston Chronicle that she wonders how dangerous a suspect is if he only has one arm and one good leg.