Texas School District Amends Dress Code After 150 Suspensions

DUNCANVILLE (August 12, 2014) The Duncanville Independent School District, where more than 150 students were suspended in May for dress code violations, is easing its attire rules.

Duncanville school trustees voted Monday to amend the policy so students who wear pants will no longer be required to wear belts, as well.

Students will be allowed to wear shirts without a collar and untucked, but the shirts must still cover their stomachs.

The previous dress code, which led to the suspension of dozens of Duncanville High School students, required belts with pants and tucked-in shirts with collars.

On May 14 more than 150 dress code violators were taken to the school cafeteria and then sent home.

Critics complained that the dress code wasn't enforced during the school term.

Classes begin Aug. 25 in Duncanville.