Texas Sheriff Pretends To Be Hit Man, Snares Inmate In Murder Plot

CLEBURNE (January 10, 2013)—Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford pretended to be a hit man to snare a jail inmate who’s now charged in a plot to have his estranged wife and her male friend killed.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office says nobody was actually hurt.

The inmate, Tab Johnson, 52, was held Thursday on two counts of solicitation of capital murder.

Johnson originally was arrested on charges of violating a protective order and stalking his spouse, who filed for divorce last year.

Johnson allegedly asked other inmates about carrying out some killings.

Lt. Tim Jones Alford portrayed a hit man in conversations and relayed instructions from Johnson.

Alford told WBAP Radio Thursday that he and Johnson spoke several times and the agreed price for the "hit" was $10,000.

Alford said the inmate couldn't believe it when the sheriff revealed himself as the supposed hit man.

Bond for Johnson totals $1.1 million for Johnson.