Texas Teen Swallows Memory Card With Photo Of Nude Girl

SAN ANTONIO (October 6, 2012)—A 16-year-old suburban San Antonio high school student was charged with evidence tampering after school officials say he swallowed a digital memory card containing a photo of a nude girl.

Northside Independent School District officials say the incident happened Sept. 24 at O'Connor High School in Helotes.

District spokesman Pascual Gonzalez said the teenage boy was showing the photo to classmates when a vice principal confronted him.

Gonzalez says the teen took the memory card from his phone and swallowed it.

Officials say the photo may have been a female student who sent it to her then-boyfriend, but Gonzalez says that couldn't be confirmed without the memory card.

But he said there was enough evidence from witnesses to charge the teen with evidence tampering.