Texas Troopers Find $126,000 After Traffic Stop

PANHANDLE (January 10, 2014) A Georgia man was facing money laundering charges after a traffic stop in the Texas Panhandle yielded more than $126,000 in vacuum-sealed bundles, the Texas Department of Public Safety said Friday.

Martin Jay Paul of Ball Ground, Ga. was arrested after the cash was discovered, the DPS said.

Investigators believe the money in the drug-related investigation was bound for California.

Ball was driving an SUV on Interstate 40 near Conway, about 20 miles east of Amarillo, when he was pulled over Tuesday afternoon for a traffic violation.

The DPS says a trooper discovered the bundles of cash hidden under the back seat and in the trunk.

Paul was taken to the Carson County Jail.

He was released Wednesday after posting $10,000 bond.