Texas Woman Attacked By Neighbor’s Pet Squirrel

KATY (May 21, 2014) Elizabeth Orzechowska of Katy spent several hours at a hospital getting stitches after her neighbor’s pet squirrel got loose and attacked her.

She suffered hand and back injuries in the attack.

Orzechowska said she was unloading groceries from her car in her driveway when she felt something pounce, crawl up her leg and run up her back.

It turned out to be the squirrel.

No charges were immediately filed over the attack by the year-old squirrel named B.B., which evidently fled from its owner and headed Orzechowska.

The owner, who could be fined for keeping a pet squirrel, released teh animal after the attack, evidently so it couldn’t be euthanized.