Texas Woman Sentenced For Stealing Husband’s Ex-Wife’s ID

SAN ANTONIO (September 3, 2014) Toni Stringfellow, 54, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison after she was convicted of fraud related to identify theft in a scam that targeted her husband's ex-wife.

Since 2012 Stringfellow had tried to open credit card accounts in the name of her spouse's former wife and also used the ex-wife’s Social Security number, prosecutors said.

Stringfellow who has a history of identity theft and has served prison time, had targeted the ex-wife before.

She was sentenced Tuesday as a habitual offender.

Prosecutors say Stringfellow was released from prison in November 2012 and again tried using information about her spouse's ex-wife.

Stringfellow was also accused of stealing the identity of a nurse, who was related to an ex-cellmate, to get a job at a nursing home.

In 2013 police arrested Stringfellow after some co-workers reported thefts.