Texas Women’s Death Row Inmate Almost Out Of Time, Options

Kimberly McCarthy (Texas prison photo)

GATESVILLE (January 25, 2013)--The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles unanimously refused a clemency request Friday from women’s death row inmate Kimberly McCarthy, who’s scheduled to die next Tuesday for the July 1997 murder of a retired college professor during a robbery.

Her attorneys were seeking a 120-day reprieve and commutation of her sentence to life in prison, but the seven-member board turned her down.

McCarthy was convicted and sentenced to death in November 1998 for the July 21, 1997 murder of her neighbor, Dorothy Booth, 71, at Booth’s home in Lancaster.

Evidence showed McCarthy went to Booth’s home on the pretense of borrowing sugar and then stabbed the retired professor five times and hit her in the face with a candelabrum.

She cut off Booth’s left ring finger to take a diamond ring and nearly severed Booth’s left little finger as well, evidence showed.

She fled with Booth’s purse and wedding ring and later bought drugs with the stolen money, used the stolen credit cards and pawned the stolen ring, evidence showed.

On Jan. 7, the U.S. Supreme Court without comment, refused to review McCarthy’s case.

McCarthy is one of 10 women on women's death row at the Mountainview Unit in Gatesville, but the only one with an execution date.

She would be the fourth Texas woman put to death since the state resumed carrying out capital punishment in 1982.