Third Case Of Rabies Confirmed At Fort Hood

FORT HOOD (June 6, 2014) A young fox found in the vicinity of the LV Phantom area and Building 53905 near Clarke Road on Fort Hood has tested positive for rabies, the post said Friday.

The fox, which was at first thought to have been injured, was taken to the Fort Hood Veterinary Center, where it started to exhibit rabies symptoms, the post said.

The fox was euthanized and sent to the Texas Department of Health Services for testing.

The center received the results on Friday.

The first confirmed case on post involved a skunk that was seen on May 12 acting strangely in a motor pool on Motorpool Road.

On May 16, a resident was attacked by a rabid dark gray and white kitten Friday outside of a home on Central Drive.

The victim received post-exposure rabies treatment.

The post’s Public Health Command and the veterinary center continued to urge residents Friday to avoid handling wild or stray animals and to make sure pets are vaccinated.

Infected animals may not present symptoms until just days before death, and can spread the virus while appearing to be completely normal, officials said.

Humans can become infected and harbor the virus for weeks to months, and in extremely rare cases, years before becoming ill, officials said, but once symptoms do appear death is almost certain.

Officials are asking post residents to contact Military Police at (254) 287-4001 if they spot any wildlife or stray animals acting abnormally or exhibiting aggressive behavior.

Residents who think they may have come into contact with an animal that displayed rabies symptoms should go directly to the Emergency Department of Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center for treatment, the post said.

“Rabies is a deadly disease and currently present in this area. Please remain diligent for the health and safety of you and your family,” Dr. John Kuczek, officer in charge of the veterinary center said.