Facebook Feud May Have Led To Stabbing In Local Neighborhood

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KILLEEN (May 6, 2013)--A disturbance Monday in Killeen in which a woman was stabbed may have started as a feud on Facebook.

(Photo by Chinh Doan)

The melee broke out Monday evening when seven people showed up at a home in the 3000 block at Lakecrest Drive and two women and a man attacked Dominique Steele, 21.

Steele suffered cuts and bruises and one of the women was stabbed.

The stabbing victim was flown to Scott & White Hospital in Temple where she was listed in serious condition.

She said at least some of the seven had threatened her online.

“It never got any physical or anything like that,” she said.

“I have seen them and we never argued face to face or anything like that,” she said.

But then this week Steele says she started to getting messages inviting her to fight and then Monday night the virtual threats became real.

“I grabbed my mother into the garage,” she said.

“I was on the phone, I set the phone down and I turned around into a punch and then after that it kind of got hasty,” she said.

“I don't know what all went on, but I know at the end I was in the corner,” she said.

“I had to have blacked out,” she said.

Police released few details about the incident, but said the victim, acting in self-defense, grabbed an object that was used to hit and cut one of the attackers.

They didn’t say what the object was.