Turf's Up At Baylor's Floyd Casey Stadium

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WACO (May 2, 2014) Crews were removing the turf Friday at Baylor's Floyd Casey Stadium and at least some of it is headed for a new use close to the university’s new McLane Stadium.

After some planning on Thursday, the work started Friday, Sean Doerre, assistant athletic director at Baylor, said

Doerre said a portion of the turf will be moved to the tailgate area near the new stadium, which will also serve as a warm-up area for the university's new track complex.

Some of the turf will simply be discarded, he said.

The new 45,000-seat stadium, which is scheduled for completion in time for the start of the 2014 season, is on a 93-acre site just off Interstate 35 along the Brazos River.

It’s named in honor of Temple businessman Drayton McLane, Jr., and his family.

McLane provided the lead gift, the largest capital donation in school history, for the stadium in March 2012.

The stadium sign was placed on Thursday.

The university hasn’t announced what it plans to do with the old stadium and Doerre could not say what's next for the field.

The Bears had played at Floyd Casey Stadium off South Valley Mills Drive since 1950.

Before that, games were played at Waco Municipal Stadium on Dutton Avenue.

There hasn't been a field on the campus since the 1930s.

A crew was removing the turf Friday at Baylor's Floyd Casey Stadium. (Photo by Christina Truong)
On Thursday workers placed the sign atop Baylor's new McLane Stadium. (Photo by Kyle Muscarello)