Two From Mexico Arrested After Texas ATMs Emptied Of $211,000

MCALLEN (January 18, 2013)—Police in McAllen arrested two men from Mexico and seized about $211,000 in cash after ATMs in South Texas were drained.

McAllen police linked the thefts last weekend to nearly 1,000 fake credit cards.

Investigators believe Mexican banks were targeted with stolen data from hundreds of accounts loaded on to credit cards, which can be used for cash advances.

McAllen police Chief Victor Rodriguez said the investigation began Monday after bank officials confirmed some ATMs were empty.

Bank surveillance video was used to help locate a vehicle Wednesday and one suspect, who led officers to another man.

Officers recovered about $211,000 in suitcases and hundreds of bogus credit cards.

Federal charges were pending Friday.

Authorities believe the two men were provided the account information and continue to investigate the source.