Victims Of Suspected Gang Initiation Rape Were 12, 13

Eric Eusevio Cortez (left) and Austin Louis Gonzalez (Jail photos)
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WACO (April 8, 2014) Eric Eusevio Cortez, 32, and Austin Louis Gonzalez, 19, remain in the McLennan County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bonds charged with two counts each of aggravated sexual assault of a child in what police think may have been a gang initiation rape, the victims of which were 12 and 13, according to documents released Tuesday.

As many as four girls younger than 14 may have been raped, police say.

Cortez and Gonzales were arrested over the weekend after an investigation that started on March 29 when officers were sent to Providence Health Center in Waco to check on a girl brought in by her parents, Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said Monday.

The girl underwent a sexual assault exam and then a forensic interview with investigators from the Advocacy Center and during that interview said she had been raped at least twice by a man in a Waco residence.

The rape occurred the day before, according to arrest warrant affidavits released Tuesday.

The victim, who is 12, told an investigator that Cortez and Gonzalez picked her up and took her to Cortez’s home where they got her drunk, the affidavit says.

She told the investigator that Cortez then raped her both vaginally and orally and used his cell phone to shoot video of the assault.

On Sunday two more girls were examined at Providence and again officers were sent to check on their reports that they both were raped at a Waco residence.

Both of the girls had been reported locally as runaways, Swanton said.

One of them, a 13-year-old, told an investigator that on Friday, Gonzalez took her and two of her friends to Cortez’s home where he gave her “marijuana and also Sky Vodka and Smirnoff,” and then took her to a back room where he raped her both vaginally and orally.

Swanton said investigators believe a local gang is "passing the girls around" as part of an initiation.

Swanton also said there may be other gang members involved.

Austin Louis Gonzalez (Jail photo)
Eric Eusevio Cortez (Jail photo)
Eric Eusevio Cortez (left) and Austin Louis Gonzalez (Jail photos)