Two Local Teens Arrested Woman Held Against Her Will

WACO (January 30, 2013)—Shawn Wesley Gentry, 18, of Waco and Jacob Gutierrez, 19, were in the McLennan County Jail Wednesday night, facing unlawful restraint charges after a 20-year-old woman told deputies she was held against her will overnight in a home just off Interstate 35 south of Lorena.

Gutierrez was also facing an assault charge in the incident.

The woman told McLennan County deputies she was with two men at the home in the 200 block of Old Bethany Road Tuesday night.

She said that when she wanted to leave, the two men refused to let her go, authorities said.

She told deputies one of the men grabbed her by the hair, rushed her into a room, choked her and then locked the door.

She was able to escape Wednesday morning after convincing her captors to take her for a ride so she could get some air.

At some point she was able to escape from the pair and made her way to the interstate to call Lorena police.

Meanwhile a resident who lived along Old Bethany Road called the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office to report that two suspicious men turned up at her door asking for gas money.

When deputies arrived, they found one of the two men at the scene and arrested him.

They arrested the other at the home where the woman said she was held.