Two Men Caught With $43,000 In Bogus Bucks In Texas

BROWNSVILLE (July 3, 2014) Two men were in custody Thursday in Cameron County after police say they recovered $43,000 in counterfeit $100 bills.

Lavarus Armstead, 27, and Brandon Neville Smith, 33, were charged with evading arrest and forgery, prosecutors said.

The two were arrested after leading police on a car chase that started in Brownsville and ended about 25 miles later.

The chase started after police tried to pull over their car for a traffic violation, District attorney’ spokeswoman Melissa Zamora said.

When the car stopped, Smith jumped out, but then Armstead sped off again, she said.

He eventually stopped again and tried to flee, but was captured, she said.

Police recovered a discarded bag containing the bogus cash.

The bills all had the same serial number.