Fire That Spread To Local Family’s Home Ruled Arson

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NOLANVILLE (June 25, 2013)—A man, woman and 7-year-old child escaped from a burning mobile home Monday night in Nolanville but their home and the one next door in which the fire started were destroyed by the blaze.

(Photo by Kristin Gordon)

Bell County Fire Marshal Steve Casey ruled Tuesday the fire in the vacant mobile home was set deliberately and said he was interviewing suspects.

Neighbors alerted the family just after 10 p.m. Monday after flames from the fire in the vacant mobile home spread to their residence at a mobile home park on West Birch Street in Nolanville.

The family's dog also was saved and no one was injured, Central Bell County Fire and Rescue Chief Jason Worsdale said.

The man, his pregnant wife and their 7-year-old child, were inside their mobile home when the fire started next door.

A neighbor who spotted the flames ran to their backdoor and began banging to tell them to evacuate.

Worsdale said it took firefighters about an hour to get the blaze under control.

Firefighters experienced problems getting water to the scene and enlisted the help of the Belton Fire Department to help establish a water supply using a fire hydrant that was three blocks away.