Police: Texas Woman Killed Daughter, Then Herself

SAN ANTONIO (July 29, 2014) San Antonio police were trying to determine Monday what led a 61-year-old woman to shoot her 37-year-old daughter to death and then to kill herself.

Autopsies were ordered on the bodies of the two women, identified as Hilda M. Gonzalez and her adult daughter, Hilda Gonzalez.

Their bodies were found Sunday.

Officers were sent to the home after a call from a man who was concerned because he had not heard from or seen the women for several days although their vehicles were in the driveway.

Officers discovered the front door was boarded shut from the inside.

A window air conditioner was removed so a firefighter could crawl into the residence.

Investigators believe the older woman shot the younger woman to death and then killed herself.

Both bodies were in a bedroom and a pistol was nearby.