Top Texas Toll Road Violator Owes $230,000

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AUSTIN (October 17, 2013)--The Texas Department of Transportation released a list of the worst 25 of the state’s habitual toll violators Thursday in an effort to collect nearly $27 million in unpaid tolls.


Topping the list is a vehicle owned by a Pflugerville man and woman who owe the state $236,026.32.

A vehicle owned by two Hutto residents is second at $217,619.79.

The top two violators accounted for about 25,000 unpaid transactions, the list says.

A total of 16 offenders have more than $100,000 in unpaid tolls each.

Senate Bill 1792 gave TxDOT the authority to release the names to the public.

When motorists skirt unpaid tolls, taxpayers end up fronting the bill according to TxDOT spokesman Ken Roberts said.

“Effectively, those tolls are there so taxpayer dollars aren’t wasted or utilized the way they shouldn’t be,” Roberts said.

“The amount of money in unpaid tolls that's just sitting out there could do so much more for both TxDOT and the State of Texas."

The names of the violators will also be sent to law enforcement agencies across Texas along with county tax assessors.

If pulled over, a violator could face fines or even have their vehicles impounded.

County tax assessors could potentially block a violator from being able to renew their vehicles’ registration.

The Top 10
(Source: TxDOT)

Ronny Williams and Cora Lewis, Pflugerville: $236,026.32

Mandy and Stephen Dyment, Hutto: $217,619.79

Renee Lee Ferguson, Hutto: $166,506.35

Taniqua Evans, Hutto: $158,705.16

Theresa Twyefort, Pflugerville: $149,418.37

Amee J. Geren, Round Rock: $145,341.08

Judy Blundell, Taylor: $141,755.21

Ashley A. Canada, Austin: $139,344.62

Laura A Gregory, Round Rock: $132,750.33

Mina Henderson, Hutto: $124,132.84