UT President Supports $10,000 Degrees, But They’re Unlikely For All

SAN ANTONIO (April 7, 2013)--University of Texas President Bill Powers says he supports offering $10,000 degrees, but says it’s unlikely the school could offer such plans to all of the university’s students.

Powers, who addressed reporters Saturday at the Texas Associated Press Managing Editors convention in San Antonio, said he is concerned about rising tuition costs and wants the availability of cheaper degree plans.

But he said the university's mission is to push forward with more technology and research, and he said the cost structure of such plans wouldn’t allow the university to offer $10,000 degree plans for all students.

Powers, UT's president since 2006, has been fighting off political criticism for more than two years.

He has clashed with some regents over tuition and the roles of research and teaching at universities, among other things.