Unofficial Holiday Stirs Up Social Media Controversy

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KILLEEN (April 20, 2014) There's a lot of talk this Easter holiday, and how the common family celebration clashed with the unofficial April 20 celebration of cannabis.

The stoner lingo, 4/20, is buzzing all over social media. The Easter 420 name is even gained thousands of followers on Twitter.

"The holiday is just part of the smokers industry and that life," said Anibal Aguilar, Good Tymes Smoke Shop owner.

"It started in California when a group of teenagers would always meet up around 4:20 p.m., and since then it just took over from there."

Aguilar is a marketing major who put his academics to test.

He opened up the smoke shop a couple years ago, and said April 20 is the busiest time of year for him.

He also included 4/20 in his signage, and strategically had his shop located in the 4200 block of East Stan Schlueter Boulevard

"Everybody should have an open mind," he said. "I don't support it, I'm not for it either but I'm still here helping out the community anyway I can."

But the clash between the pot smoking holiday and Easter had church leaders across the nation, and in Central Texas a bit confused.

"It is about the holiness of the Lord who came back to give us life for eternity," said Father Richard O'Rourke, St. Paul Chong Hasang Catholic Church.

Hundreds of worshipers prayed, as church leaders reminded them of the real reason we celebrate Easter, and how it should not be mixed in with 4/20.

Once they understand what the true meaning is and once they get that right then they can enjoy themselves," O'Rourke said. "In other words not illegally enjoy themselves, but with what is truly a family celebration."

Other churches across the country have taken advantage of the situation by using the 4/20 holiday as an opportunity to conduct outreach.

"It's falling on Easter too so you get a double holiday kind of," Aguilar said.