Store Manager, 911 Caller Recount Guerrilla-Style Robbery

(From store surveillance video)
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WACO (October 1st, 2012)- The victim and the 911 caller whose report interrupted a guerrilla style attempted robbery at a local grocery store, just happened to know each other.

The man who endured a half hour of hell last Thursday night at the Super Plaza grocery store, spoke out about the dramatic kidnapping robbery which could have claimed his life.

After Assistant Manager Ruben Valdez closed the store, he was attacked by three heavily armed men who threw him into the back of his own car.

"I was in the back seat, he had me bent over with my head in his lap, with a 9-mm to the back of my head," Valdez said.

They forced Valdez into the store where they beat him, ordering him to open the store's safe.

"I just kept picturing you know, they are going to find my body sitting here on the floor," Valdez said.

But the thieves’ mission was cut short when police, prompted by a 911 call, arrived.

After Ruben and the three men pulled up to the supermarket, Vera Tijerina saw their vehicle outside the entrance.

Tijerina lives across the street from the supermarket. She says she's seen the store robbed before, so she picked up the phone, and called the police.

"I got scared, my dogs started barking, and so I just called 911," Tijerina said.

Tijerina had no idea what was going on inside.

She also didn't know that Valdez, someone she sees everyday when she goes to the supermarket, was being terrorized by the gunmen.

"I know Ruben, he's a good man," Tijerina said.

"He helps me all the time at the store. He didn't deserve that at all."

The three men were arrested, and Ruben's life was spared.

Valdez said he knew his kidnappers. The men had worked at the grocery store and had left months earlier.

"I think I'm alive because those people called the police," Valdez said.

The next time Tijerina goes to the Super Plaza, she'll see Valdez.

But Valdez won't see her. All he will see is his guardian angel.

"I'm just so glad he's alive and nothing happened to him," Tijerina said.