City Wants A Refund After Fireworks Show Fizzles

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WACO (July 5, 2013)—The City of Waco is seeking a refund after the $15,000 fireworks show that was supposed to be the highlight of the annual Fourth on the Brazos celebration fizzled, leaving as many as 20,000 area residents disappointed.

Waco's fireworks show ended abruptly Thursday night because of an unspecified malfunction. (Photo courtesy of CTX Photography)

An electrical issue that developed shortly after the show started made it impossible for the company to complete the display, but city spokesman Larry Holze said Friday the problem didn’t result from an interruption in local electric service.

Holze didn't provide details about the problem, but workers at the event Thursday night said it appeared the crew failed to bring a battery that was needed to shoot the fireworks.

The city said in a press release earlier Friday that officials were working with the fireworks company, Atlas Enterprises, about a refund or a show at a downtown event sometime in the future, but Holze said late Friday afternoon that city doesn’t want to reschedule the show.

H-E-B underwrote the cost of the fireworks show and the refund would be returned to the company, Holze said.

The fireworks show, which was supposed to last about 30 minutes, stopped abruptly after just a few minutes and then, after a pause, briefly resumed before it ended just as abruptly.

Once it became clear the show was over, the thousands residents who gathered downtown began to stream out of the area.

Not long afterward, a message was posted on the Brazos Nights website that said, “Dear Wacoans - we sincerely apologize for the short fireworks show this evening. The fireworks company Atlas Enterprise had electrical issues and were unable to shoot the entire show.”

The malfunction wasn't the only glitch Thursday night.

Before the fireworks show started, the sprinklers came on in Indian Spring Park, drenching many of the residents gathered there.

Holze had no information Friday about why the sprinkler system activated.

(Nichole Perez contributed to this story)