Waco Drivers Who Said “No” Busted Anyway Over Holiday Weekend


WACO (May 28, 2014) Waco police made more than 200 traffic stops over the weekend during a stepped-up enforcement effort that led to more than 30 arrests, including several drivers whose blood was drawn after they refused to take Breathalyzer tests, Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said Wednesday.

The department conducted a “No Refusal Weekend,” which meant that drivers who refused Breathalyzer tests were served search warrants for blood draws.

Three of the five drivers arrested for driving while intoxicated refused the test and ended up giving some blood, Swanton said.

Another 27 people were arrested on various other charges, and officers wrote more than 200 citations and warnings for traffic violations, Swanton said.

“In all, we considered this operation to be successful as we kept at least five impaired drivers from killing themselves or someone else on our city streets,” Swanton said.