Isaiah Austin Befriends Young Boy With Marfan Syndrome

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WACO (August 11, 2014) They say “good things come in small packages,” but for one local boy, the opposite may ring true.

Isaiah Austin (File)

Meet 9-year-old Carson Flanagan, he suffers from Marfan Syndrome. Coincidentally, so does former Baylor basketball standout Isaiah Austin.

Austin, who was diagnosed with the rare syndrome this past June, has since adapted to the major change that the syndrome has caused in his life.

Diagnosed just four days before entering the NBA Draft, Austin was forced to abandon his childhood dreams.

Instead of letting the diagnosis negatively affect him, Austin has devoted his time to spreading awareness about the rare disorder.

Marfan Syndrome is a condition that affects the connective tissue of the human body, in turn it can damage the development of the cardiovascular and skeletal systems in additional to a number of other parts of the body.

“It’s something not a lot of people think they have and it’s something that I was upset about, but at the same time I was thankful to God because he saved my life,” said Austin.

A diagnosis that saved his life, but also one that has made a world of difference to young Carson.

This connection through Marfan Syndrome forging an unlikely friendship, each teaching one another a series of invaluable lessons.

“Dealing with this just shows me that life is bigger than basketball, Carson is a great and an outstanding young man and he’s a tough kid and just to meet kids like him, they really just show me a different aspect of life,” Austin continued.

Carson finding comfort in having a real-life super hero with the same syndrome that he struggles with.

“Marfan Syndrome isn’t gonna affect the kid that he is. I just want him to stay positive throughout the whole process here he’s dealing with. It’s not the end of the world. We’re gonna make it through together and he’s gonna be stronger in the end,” said Austin.

Neither of them letting a rare syndrome label their lives, much rather, redefining how to live. Each living their lives like champions.