Waco Police Investigate Possible Kidnapping

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WACO (May 7, 2014) Waco police were trying to unravel the circumstances Wednesday night after a clerk at an Alon convenience store at North 25th and Waco Drive reported that man dragged a woman out of a store restroom, threatened to shoot her if she didn’t get into his car, and then drove to a house down the street.

(Photo by Matt Howerton)

The woman’s car was still in the store’s parking lot when police arrived.

The man later returned to the store, saw the officers and fled.

The woman, meanwhile, escaped from the house through a window and walked to a nearby coin laundry.

She later returned to get her car.

Police were interviewing her Wednesday night.

The incident may have stemmed from a dispute over money the woman owes, police Sgt. Randy Lanier said.