Waco Teen Returns Home, 3 Months After Near-Fatal Gym Accident

Blake Hyland in the hospital after he emerged from a weeks-long coma. (Courtesy photo)

WACO (May 23, 2014) Blake Hyland, 14, who received message of support from around the world after suffering a near-fatal head injury while performing a new gymnastics trick, was headed home Friday after a three-month hospital stay.

The Waco teenager was in a coma for weeks after he was injured while tumbling in February at a local gym.

“This is our last night in the hospital!,” his family posted Thursday night on a Facebook page created to track Blake’s progress.

“Today we went down to the ICU and Blake thanked the Doctors, Nurses and Clergy for taking care of him when he was in his coma. There were tears, hugs and amazement of the progress by everyone who saw him. It was awesome to watch the reunion, just awesome,” the posting said.

Classmates, who’ve been closely following his progress, are planning to welcome him home this afternoon.

Blake was injured in mid-February while performing the new trick, which required him to jump off of a springboard and land inside a foam pit.

While performing the trick, he clipped the foam pit, hitting his shoulder on the side of the pit and whip-lashing his head into the concrete beside it.

He was taken to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center in Waco where surgeons removed one fourth of his skull after his brain began to bleed.

He was then transferred to Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth where he spent three months in a coma.

At one point doctors told his parents their son might not survive.

“The doctor met us and told us that there was a 50/50 chance that Blake would survive," Patrick Hyland said.

"You never want to hear those words."

His family created the Facebook page “Prayers for Blake Hyland” shortly after the accident.

Encouragement, prayer, and updates were posted daily from around the world.

The page generated more than 13,000 “likes.”

After emerging from the coma, Blake had to work to regain motor function in parts of his body.

Doctors replaced the portion of his skull that was removed after the accident.