Wedding Ring Found in New Baseball Glove Returned

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WACO (February 19, 2014) A Riesel High School baseball player has returned a wedding ring that he found inside a brand new baseball glove he bought at Academy in Waco last weekend to its rightful owner.

Ryan Alexander, 16, found the ring after he went to Academy with his mother Holly Alexander to look for a first base glove.

“He wanted a first base glove, because he wanted to try out for first base at Riesel High,” Holly Alexander said.

“He must have tried on 20 gloves until he found the right one. We didn’t have a lot of choices; the one we got was the only one that would fit his hand.”

But when Alexander and her son returned to their home in Mart, they made an unusual discovery.

“He was messing with it, you know trying to break it in, and then I heard him say, ‘what is this mom? I feel something in here.’ And then he pulled out what looked like a ring."

Alexander and his family have been trying to return the ring to its owner since they found it.

An internet search confirmed that the ring is a James Avery wedding band. On the inside is an engraving that reads, “I love my Marine.”

After News 10 aired the story, multiple news outlets in the nation began sharing it through social media.

Academy and Louisville Slugger (the maker of the glove) even tried locating the owner by sharing the story on twitter.

It took a few days, but the news finally reached the right person in Waco, 35-year-old Rebecca Rumsey, who’s been married to an ex-marine for the past 11 years.

“I was very shocked, a co-worker shared the news story on it, and I looked at it and said, ‘I think this is my husband’s ring.’"

Last week, Rumsey and her husband Chad were at Academy looking at gloves for their daughter, who plays softball.

Rumsey says the ring must have gotten stuck in a glove when her husband was trying several on for fun.

"He was just trying them on seeing what he thought might be good, brand, size, all that good stuff for her," Rumsey said.

"He did not even realize that he had lost it until he went to leave the house and went to find it to put it on."

Rumsey says she purchased the ring for her husband as a Christmas present because his original engagement ring got damaged while he was working.

Academy and News 10 were able to verify through James Avery that the ring belonged to the Rumsey’s.

After it was missing in action for several days, Alexander and his family went back to Academy where they met Rumsey and her family in the baseball section, where her husband’s ring was finally returned.

“I was very shocked and just grateful when I heard they kept it and were looking for the owner,” Rumsey said.

“You don't hear about that very often, when people try to find the owners of things that are lost."

Alexander didn’t say much, however Academy awarded him with a $500 gift card for his team, two Louisville Slugger bats, and two James Avery gift cards, all for just doing a the right thing.

"This is just how my mom and dad raised me," Alexander said.

"If someone lost their wedding ring, it's really sentimental and you'd want them to bring it back."