West Investigation Could Produce Smoke Tuesday

WEST (April 30, 2013)—Work at the site of the deadly April 17 explosion at West Fertilizer Co. could generate some smoke Tuesday, but officials were telling residents not to be alarmed.

Heavy equipment will be used Tuesday to remove debris and grain, which could produce smoke, officials said.

The work is part of the process to determine what caused the fiery blast that killed 15 people and left another 200 injured.

The blast damaged or destroyed dozens of buildings including a nursing home and three of West’s four schools.

West Mayor Tommy Muska said Tuesday that town officials await responses on requests for state and federal funding as part of recovery efforts.

A boil order remained in effect Tuesday.

West Mayor Tommy Muska, 55, said Tuesday that his hometown of about 2,700 has received donations from across the country since the April 17 accident.

Muska says town officials are seeking state and federal assistance and says the community is strong, resilient and "it will come back."

Muska, who’s an insurance agent, said his four-bedroom home is so badly damaged it must be demolished, but he said he’ll rebuild.

For now Muska, his wife and 14-year-old daughter are renting a house in an undamaged part of the town.

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