Wish For Greenhouse Comes True For Seriously Ill Area Boy

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Kempner (July 28, 2014) The Make-A-Wish Foundation worked with dozens of volunteers to to help build a greenhouse for Antonio Laguna, 8, of Kempner, who was diagnosed with rapid-onset obesity in November. 2012.

The rare and life-threatening disease results in many complications, including the body not knowing when it is full.

He is one of about 75 children diagnosed with the disease since the 1960's, Make-A-Wish officials said.

Laguna has a passion for gardening, and his dream was to have a greenhouse of his own.

"It’s quite an undertaking but the credit has to go to the community," said Jill Skinner, Make-A-Wish Central & South Texas chief program officer.

"He's a pretty brave kid and just a superstar."

Many in the community including Fort Hood soldiers came out to the Laguna's home in Kempner to make his wish come true.

Dozens attended the ribbon cutting for his new garden.

"It makes me feel great and all these people that helped me it was great," said Antonio.

"I want to help other people and everyone in the world. To give away money to other people that don't have food."

His wish and motivation to help others in need is also what surprised many who pitched in to help.

"He's happy and it’s exactly where he needs to be," said Candace Laguna, Antonio's mother.

"You are never alone in a battle, and he's fighting a pretty rough battle and he isn't alone."

"I learn a lot from my own son and when he thought of this he thought of it not only for himself, but for others," said Frank Laguna, Antonio's father.

"That’s pretty amazing coming from an eight year old."

(Photo by Nick Delgado)
(Photo by Nick Delgado)
(Photo by Nick Delgado)