Woman Injured When Pickup Crashes Into Home Taken To Local Hospital

WACO (April 19, 2013)--A Waco woman was injured early Friday afternoon when a pickup slammed into her house, showering her with debris as she sat in her home office.

The accident happened just after 1 p.m. Friday as the man drove the pickup west on Woodgate Drive near Woodgate Intermediate School rounded a curve and lost control of the truck, police said.

The pickup jumped a curb and crashed into a corner of the house at Woodgate and Real Drive, police said.

The woman, who was sitting inside working in her home office, was injured by flying debris.

She was taken to Hillcrest Baptist Medical Center for treatment.

The driver of the pickup was also hurt and was also taken to Hillcrest.

Neither the man nor the woman suffered incapacitating injuries, police said.

The injured woman's husband was at home at the time and was standing in the doorway of the room that was damaged.

Police said he sustained minor injuries, but did not require hospitalization.

The driver of the truck will be arrested after he’s treated, police said, and will face a DWI charge.

(Photo by Jeremy Stein)
(Photo by Jeremy Stein)
(Photo by Jeremy Stein)
(Photo by Jeremy Stein)