Woman Sentenced For Husband’s 1987 Murder In Texas

HOUSTON (April 28, 2013)-- Norma Jean Clark of Belvidere, Tenn., has been sentenced to 25 years in prison after a Harris County jury found her guilty of murdering her husband in 1987.

Clark was returned to Houston in 2011 after investigators reopened the case in 2010.

They determined that bloodstains on the clothes she was wearing when Edmund Hugh Clark died didn't support her alibi.

She contended that she was sleeping in a different room than her husband at their Tomball home.

Edmund Clark was shot twice with his own gun.

At the time, his wife told investigators she was awakened by gunshots and ran to a neighbor's house.

Neighbors told investigators Clark was planning to divorce his wife.

Investigators say new developments in crime scene technology made it possible to solve the case.