Woman Named As Suspect On Sheriff’s Facebook Page Wasn’t One

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WACO (April 21, 2014) A Bruceville-Eddy woman is crying foul after she was labeled as a suspect on the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Facebook page but was later cleared from any wrong doing Monday.

Joni Seawright (left) was shocked to discover her picture on the McLennan County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Like almost all police agencies, the sheriff’s office utilizes Facebook to identify criminals and or suspects connected
to crimes.

The woman, Joni Seawright, first noticed she was on the Facebook page last Friday.

A surveillance picture of her was posted along with a caption explaining she was a suspect and detectives needed the public’s help in identifying her.

Seawright, unaware of committing any crime, decided to remedy the situation and turn herself in.

“We all laughed about it at first and thought about how many suspects actually go to a detective to turn themselves in for something they didn't know about," Seawright said.

According to McLennan County Chief Deputy Matt Cawthon, Seawright was originally thought to have been an accomplice to a drug trafficking incident that happened at a local Walmart in March.

Cawthon said someone was filling a false prescription.

Seawright says she was at the pharmacy at the time of the crime, but says she was getting a refund for a prescription.

She was cleared after she interviewed with detectives Monday.

“We use Facebook to investigate persons of interest and suspects frequently,” Cawthon said.

“In this instance a crime was committed at that pharmacy and we’re still investigating. Even though it doesn’t appear Ms. Seawright was involved, we appreciate her cooperation.”

Seawright’s picture was taken down from the page Monday, but not until it had been up for nearly 72 hours.

“It was embarrassing, my family was embarrassed, I mean my daughter stressed more than I did,” Seawright said.

Aside from her frustration, Seawright did say she’s just glad everything turned out to be OK.