Central Texas Women Learn How To Fend Off An Attacker

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KILLEEN (February 23)--Women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels are ready to take down the enemy. A self-defense class was held Saturday at the Absolute Self Defense and Fitness center in Killeen.

The one-day self-defense class covered basic, but very important skills anyone can use to defend themselves in a dangerous situation.
"We want to try and make sure they have the tools to defend themselves because they won't always have a self-protection weapon like a knife, stick or gun, but you will always have your hands and feet," said Jim Mahan, Owner of the Absolute Self Defense and Fitness.

Mahan began the class with awareness in prevention. He spoke about phone book information and Facebook usage, safety checks in the home and driving routes. He also provided self-defense tactics through hands-on training. "My dad always told me to kick, kick, kick," said Sara Summers, self-defense class participant. "Coach Jim pointed out that if you kick they could just grab your legs and your toast. So instead use your hands, fingers and nails."

Mahan also showed the class how to make room to move when a predator invades your territory. He demonstrated several arm reaching, elbow jabbing and palm striking tactics to use to create space from between you and your would-be attackers so you can run away.

Participants were able to take what they learned throughout the day and test their abilities against a staged attack. "Getting in the ring and trying to put all these moves together to see if they really do work is great," said Melina Hurtden, self-defense class participant. "You can see that they do work and that was the best part of the class." Hurtden says she plans to enroll her 11-year-old daughter in the next self-defense class for kids.

Absolute Self Defense and Fitness has a free class once a month that is offered either to grownups or children. The Saturday class included a fee that went to the Families in Crises Center in Killeen.

Towards the end of the training, Mahan reminded the class to continue practicing their moves so when the threat of the moment strikes, you don't draw a blank. "We tell them to practice at home and doing so they can learn to flip the switch and go from threat level to threat level a bit faster in order to be able to get away quickly," said Mahan.
To find out more about self-defense classes visit the Absolute Self Defense and Fitness website at: http://www.combativesgroup.com/