Young Love Ageless for Alamo City Couple

SAN ANTONIO (February 14, 2011)—Love is ageless and a couple in San Antonio is proof.

She calls him Mr. Massey.

He's looking forward to calling her his wife.

Planners say they expect about 150 people are expected to attend Saturday's wedding in San Antonio for 92-year-olds Jewel Etter and Holman Massey.

The San Antonio Express-News reports that Etter and her
betrothed, who's a former mayor of the town of George West, met about three years ago in a grief counseling group.

Both of their spouses had died.

Soon Etter and Massey became bridge partners and soon learned they shared a love for the San Antonio Spurs.

The two seemed to find they shared many common interests.

Massey is a retired lieutenant colonel who spent 26 years in the
Air Force. Etter worked at San Antonio City Hall.

Their children are helping with the wedding arrangements.

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