West Mayor Tommy Muska’s April Minute

The events of April 17, 2013 will forever change the City of West.

The hub of our area farmers and a large economic contributor to the Agriculture production in this area is no longer here. Do we still need this type of business here in West..I feel we do. It serves a vital purpose for the large farming population in this area and with some planning I feel should be a part of West in the future…maybe just farther away from the city limits.

Will I get the chance to talk to Cody again and go over the Water Board insurance…no, I'll miss that grin of his, will I see Joey and his family on the back left pew at 9:00 mass each Sunday…no..I'll miss our many conversations daily regarding the city….as for this Mayor's minute…Joey always looked over it for spelling and corrections…. you'll just have to forgive my English going forward…. but these brave people will live in our hearts and memories for years to come.

Will I see the Snokhous brothers, Doug and Robert drive off in the Truck as they always did being the very first to arrive after a call… no…their positions of leadership in the Fire Department will be missed but we will find people to fill those large shoes.

The neighborhood on the North side of Town will also change…. will Betty Tucker rebuild the large home she and Jake raised Ann, Kaye and Gayle in….maybe not but I feel she will rebuild there to meet her size and maybe accommodate Jake coming home for Christmas. The Rest Home is gone as we know it, the various additions A,B,C D halls built on starting back in 1966 into the 2000 does not exist now, however the Board of Directors have decided to rebuild..maybe not at that location but another one inside the city…my dream is a full senior care facility…duplexes, assisted living, Skilled Nursing and also …for you guys that keep breaking your hips a separate rehab section. Wow…I feel this will be an awesome new addition to the city. That block has potitional for a great housing addition.

Will Rick Wolf have "Yard of the Month"..not anytime soon but I can guarantee he will have a beautiful home and yard that looks like carpet in a year or so…..

Gone is Bill Bohannan's house…but his house will be rebuilt and I'll be sneaking into his back yard for my pick of his vegetables before too long.

Tommy and Trish will reopen and in short order be repairing my weed eater for the 50th time…..YOU BET!!! I know this in my heart!!!

The EMT structure will return….thanks to some great insurance by my friend Pat Grimm they will be able to totally replace their building fulling insured!!!!

Are some of you underinsured…you bet… myself included…. I'm working with State and National leaders to consider help for you to get you additional funds to rebuild….

This town will not die on my watch, that is my promise to you.

I know you have heard me say over and over that it will be ok…I say that with all my heart and soul…knowing full well the great citizen of West have the resilience, dedication, love for each other and faith in the almighty God that makes us so unique and special. We will be ok… we will rebuild this town… we will be better and stronger because of it.

One final thing… I have to tell you CJ and the city employees, James and our Great City police, and City Council are all doing such a great job… we're working as a team…tackling each problem as they come up. We have and will make mistakes…(there's not a book on how to do this you know) but I ask for your prayers and support as we move into the reconstruction phase of this recovery.

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