The Story Behind The Boy

By: Martha Tucker Email
By: Martha Tucker Email

I would like to make a statement concerning the events that led to the tragic events concerning my son.

First I would like to say that I in no way condone the actions of my son, Andrew Tucker. However, I would like to tell you a few things the public does not know about him.

He had been taking care of his terminally ill father for about 4 years before his passing last year. He remained vigilant by his bedside even sleeping in a chair so that he could keep his father from pulling out his catheter. He was only 21 when his father passed. That is a great deal of responsibility for someone so young. While taking care of his father, he became addicted to pain medication. He said it was the only way he was able to cope with all of it. Because of his drug addiction, he started doing whatever he could to get them. He had never been in trouble before. Since his father’s passing, Andrew has given up on life in general. His father was his whole world.

About 6 months ago, after his father had passed, I called Cameron officials and told him that he had a gun, and might harm either himself or someone else. They basically went to the house and asked him if he was going to. He said no, and they left. They didn't even take the gun. Fortunately, nothing happened at that time.

For several weeks, we (me and my son), tried to get him admitted into a drug rehab facility. He wanted help. We tried MHMR, S&W, Milam county Indigent Health Care, and various rehab facilities around the state. No one would help him for various reasons, mostly because we couldn't afford it and he had no insurance.

Just last month, we had to call the police again, and he was taken to the Psych unit at S&W. He had self inflicted cuts and cigarette burns on his arms. They let him go. I was told that self mutilation was a crime, but it was not a sign of mental illness.

Right after that He was in the Milam County Jail for 9 days. He said that he spent most of that time in a padded cell. But again, He was released after receiving no kind of help at all with his mental state.

I feel that if someone would have cared even a little bit about my son, they would have gotten him the help he so desperately needed and all of this could have been avoided in the first place. Law enforcement agencies have opened an ongoing investigation trying to find out if he had accomplices. If you ask me, they need not look any further than their own mirrors to find the answers.

As it stands, my 22 year old son is lying in ICU trauma unit at S&W hospital. They don't even know if he will make it or not. Bell County Sherriff’s office refuses to let me see him. He is heavily guarded at all times. If the worst should happen, I might not even get to tell him goodbye and that I love Him.

He has been made to look like a very bad person, but in reality, he is yet another victim that has fallen through the cracks of an uncaring medical and legal system. How many more children must suffer before someone listens?

Thank you for your time, and I would appreciate the opportunity to tell this story from a caring mother's point of view.


Martha Tucker

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